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Minor Surgery Services


Northampton Medical Services Ltd offer a range of minor surgical procedures.


There are many skin conditions that result in unsightly blemishes. Whilst most of these are benign (not cancerous) they may be cause for individual concern or cosmetically undesirable. Most small benign skin lesions are no longer removed or treated by the NHS and patients are often left faced with either the considerable expense of removal at a local private hospital, or putting up with the blemish.


We provide an alternative solution offering a fast, professional opinion about such lesions and an extremely competitive pricing structure.


Treatment is available for the following.


Skin tags and polyps


Skin tag and polyp removalThese are extremely common especially around the neck and armpits. They may be numerous and unsightly and can rub and cause soreness. Most can be quickly and safely removed by electrocautery although larger lesions may need formal excision.




Mole removalMost people have moles which are invariably benign and not troublesome. Sometimes they cause cosmetic problems and you may prefer to have them removed even though they are not cancerous. We can advise you regarding the different ways to treat these moles and give you advice regarding mole care and how to recognise suspicious changes that should be brought to the attention of your doctor.




Cyst removalCysts usually result from a blocked gland in the skin causing a small rounded lump to develop and get slowly bigger. They may become cosmetically unsightly but otherwise not troublesome. The NHS does not usually provide for these lesions. There is however a risk that they can discharge smelly material or become infected and cause an abscess. They often occur on the head, neck and upper chest and back.


Lipomas (fatty lumps)


Lipoma removal (fatty lump)Lipomas are fatty growths that commonly occur around the body and are usually localised, discreet soft lumps. Again they are mostly benign although some can cause discomfort and are tender if knocked. They slowly enlarge and can become prominent causing embarrassment especially if they are on the arms, legs or shoulders.




Wart removalAdults can still suffer from warts of one sort or another. They are invariably benign and can be large, pigmented and unsightly (especially the seborrheic warts). They often occur on the face, neck and upper body and can be easily treated.


Cherry spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) and Spider Naevi (dilated blood vessels).


Removal of Cherry Spots (Campbell de Morgan spots) and Spider Naevi (dilated blood vessels)These are small bright red spots, sometimes slightly raised and often develop on the trunk or face respectively, but can occur anywhere. They are small abnormalities of the tiny blood vessels in the skin. Again they rarely cause problems but can be unsightly and are not usually treated by your GP. We can offer fast, simple and effective treatment.


Ingrowing toenails


Minor surgery procedures for ingrowing toe nailsThese are especially common in the young and older age groups. Your GP may not offer local treatment but will often charge for this service. We can also advise regarding this procedure and additionally complete or partial nail ablation where the nail bed is destroyed permanently to stop the troublesome nail growing back again. You have the security of knowing this is performed by experienced doctors.


How our minor surgery procedures are performed


All procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic. You do not need to be referred by your GP but you may wish to discuss removal of these lesions with your GP first. Most skin lesions are benign and can be removed by cautery, curettage or excision. However we advise that lesions that are excised (cut out) should be sent for histology (laboratory analysis) to exclude malignancy.


To make an appointment for initial advice and assessment just telephone 01604 434742.


At this appointment the doctor will examine you, take a medical history and explain the various options regarding removal (and costs). Generally a further appointment a few weeks later would be made for the surgery although sometimes it is possible to proceed at the same time as the first appointment.


After your initial consultation you are under no obligation to proceed with surgery. For a guide to our prices please see the fees for surgery provided by Northampton Medical Services Ltd.