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Northampton Medical Services

Northampton Medical Services Private Fees


Initial consultation fee of £50 payable at time of booking & non-refundable


Patients must be 10 years and over and be seen with parent/guardian


Shave excision Moles/Warts (cost includes histology)

1st Mole£275

2 Moles£390

Subsequent extra moles at same time additional£100


Formal excision Moles (cost includes histology)

1st Mole£375

2 Moles£550

Additional moles at same time£150


Tags/Cherry spots

1-5 tags£175

6-10 tags£275

11-20 tags£375


Sebaceous Cysts (cost includes histology)

1 Cyst (up to 2.5cm)£375 

 » over 2.5cm£475

2 Cysts (up to 2.5cm)£550

 » over 2.5cm each£625

Additional cysts at same time£150


Lipomas (cost includes histology)

1 Lipoma (up to 2.5cm)£375

» 2.5cm - 5cm£475

» over 5cm£550

2 Lipomas (depending on size, price may vary)£550

Additional lipomas at same time£150


Non-Scalpel Vasectomy (costs includes up to 2 sperm tests)

Counselling and assessment Fee£70


Additional sperm testing£70


Hyperhidrosis (Botulinum Toxin to armpits)

Both armpits£430


Botulinum Toxin to Face

1 area£190

2 areas£275

3 areas£330


Joint injections

Assessment - non-refundable (20 min appt)£50


Two injections (30 mins needed)£200

One stop (assess and treat) (30 mins)£170



Assessment - non-refundable (10 min appt)£50

10 minute treatment appt (3 lesions can be treated in 10 mins)£40

Follow-up 2/4 weeks later if necessary£40

Assessment and treatment (20 minutes needed)£90


Ear Micro Suction

Including examination and procedure to both ears£50


If you would like more information, or would like to make an appointment, please contact us at Northampton Medical Services on 01604 434742, or complete our contact form.