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Ear Micro Suction


Professional wax removal & ear care with Micro Suction

Here at Northampton Medical Services, we provide a specialist nurse led service which provides safe and effective removal of ear wax using micro-suction.


Micro suction is a safer alternative to ear syringing.  The practioner uses a small metal suction tube under direct visualisation using a binocular microscope.


Benefits of micro suction over syringing:-

  • It is much more of a safer, effective method.
  • There is no risk if the ear has an undiagnosed perforation.
  • There is less risk of perforation or infection and it is safe to use if there is a current infection.
  • Some ears are unsuitable for syringing


Why is wax removal needed?

Ear wax is naturally produced to protect the ear.  However some people produce large amounts which needs to be removed to prevent it causing problems, for example reduced hearing.   Some wax becomes too hard to remove by syringing.


Ear Micro Surgery vs Ear SyringingEar Micro Surgery vs Ear Syringing


Ear Micro Suction by Northampton Medical ServicesAnn is a highly experienced nurse practitioner and is fully trained in micro suction and aural care.  Ann has been running the clinic for over 6 years since completing both her theoretical and practical training within the Otolaryngology Department at Northampton General Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.


We have been providing an established countywide NHS service at Grange Park Medical Centre for over 6 years as 1 of only 3 accredited NHS clinics in the County.  We are therefore best placed to provide you with a fully professional, friendly, quick and efficient service where the NHS cannot provide for you.